Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Project Finished

I have been busy whipping out projects and getting things done feels soooooooooooooo good! First today, hubby hung the medicine cabinet in the kids room. Finally, they not only have a mirror, but a place to keep their toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.. Then the carpet got stapled back onto the basement stairs & some old knob & tube wiring got pulled out of the attic.

I finally finished baby girls quilt and here it is complete with 66 flip-flop shaped plastic buttons in blue, yellow, green, orange, pink & purple, 30 different shaped buttons use in the flower patterns, 2 yards of pink fleece, 1 full-sized (cut-down to fit) polyester high loft batting and lots of flannel prints. All completed with a blanket stitch around the edges and each square was hand tied.

Here you can
see the up close shot of the yellow flannel squares with the flowers & the buttons in the middle of each along with the 4 flip flops on the corners. I used the extra fabric from the quilt squares to make the flowers.

Here are some more shots of the individual flannel squares. They had hearts, butterflies, checks and hearts, plaids and all had to have pink in them. I probably did the quilters no-no, but I got all my fabric at WalMart on their discount rack.

And last, but not least the recipient of this quilt, my cute little granddaughter & of course I made the quilt in the background. She stayed up late because once she found out this was going to be her new quilt, she wanted to sleep with it. When I told her we would probably have to put her old quilt up for saving she said: "but it smells really good." It was just washed yesterday, but alas, her little tootsies stick out of the bottom.

Once again, I received a letter in the mail this time from Montesano school district advising me they found someone else for the secretarial position. I expect to get another one along the same lines for the clerks position, but hopefully soon, my emergency substitute certifications will come through.

I got another bonus in the mail bank has now discontinued my overdraft protection. Funny, just as I had an automatic withdrawal to come out that couldn't be stopped in time.

I do make quilts and sell them, so if anyone is interested, please contact me.

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