Monday, August 18, 2008

I am so happy!

First off, it DID NOT rain today! Yippee, jumping up and down! Actually, at any other time, I would welcome rain, I love it, can't get enough of it even in Washington, however, with the house painting going slowly right now and hubby having to return to work Sunday, we were a bit worried with he gray skies today. We were blessed, it did not rain!

So, my front door. Did I talk about that at all? Well, it was a custom door ordered from Levee Lumber in Hoquiam & cost $$$$$. Then a great contractor (Rob at 4x4 Construction and his brother Aaron) put it in for us. Oh, what fun for them. Aaron said it took longer to get the door knob out of the package than it did to put the door in. Actually, I was home and it took all day, but they put 2 doors in and were awesome!

So, I am on my way to church and I see hubby taking the door off the hinges and then the lockset off and now I am furious (which is not how I wanted to go to church), I am so angry I could chew nails, but he tells me it will be okay. He WASN'T home when they had so much problem getting the lock set on.

So, on my way to church I ask God to work on my heart because I really don't want to fight over a door. I calm down, praise and worship is awesome, teaching class goes well & then, (you guessed it) I come home and now the oval decorative window is cover in paint! Well, there goes my prayers!

Hubby tells me to calm down and relax, I am madder than a disturbed hornets nest, so he tells me (hoping to calm me down), that under the paint is a coating of Vaseline. WHAT?? WHAT?? Oh, now I am the water boiling out of the pot! He scrapes it to show me I don't have to worry.

I stomp into the house and decide to make cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. I know at this time, I need a diversion while I pray over this situation. My husband is so calm and so assured, he walks in and tells me, I know it isn't the door that has you so mad, what is it? I looked at him and said it was knowing if he messed it up, we don't have the $$$$$ to replace it.

Last night, the door sat on saw horses in the living room with the fireplace going to help dry the paint while we slept with a sheet over the door opening. All I can say is thank you Lord that we live in a place without having to worry about rattle snakes, scorpions, other little creatures and that we live in an area where we don't even worry about the boogie man! Funny, I slept like a baby last night!

Today, the door goes back outside, the new paint gets covered while hubby sprays another color around the door. I gave up being mad, but I am pessimistic about the paint (now blue) on my window! I accept the fact this is the way the Navy painted things.

Today at 1700 hours (5:00 p.m.) I am allowed to take the paint off the window with a plastic scraper. I do so and remarkably (as hubby said it would be), the window was not blue or white, but it was coated with Vaseline. I scraped all that I could off and wiped it down with a towel.

All I can say is that I profusely and humbly apologized to hubby for being so angry. Of course as usual, he said he understood, but after 27 years he would think by now I would know he knows what he is doing! He is a wonderful man and never takes my rants personally. Praise Jesus, that they are rare to happen!

So, door is still a bit tacky to the touch & you guessed it, we are sleeping one more night without a door! Oh well, what can I say? Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride~

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