Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Job interview with a twist

So, here I am at the prison for an interview and I have to say, the drive up the road was just beautiful with the trees and curving roadway. Even the administration building was well thought out in design. The person that greeted me was friendly and very helpful.

I had my interview with a panel of 3 people, an HR person, a Captain and another person from headquarters in Olympia. They had a set of questions that I was allowed to read ahead of time and asked them in order. I felt I did very well with all of them up until the last questions about Collective Bargaining. Alas, aside from my dad being a Teamsters member, I really don't know anything about unions.

I did try to turn the question into a positive by detailing my knowledge as a trainer and having to explain policy, procedures and regulations to new trainee's, citizens and others that came to me for clarification.

They had asked me to bring a copy of my resume and references, so I put together a nice Portfolio with my resume, references, transcript copies & miscellaneous things like a thank you letter from a person I had to have terminated, a letter of commendation for my work on a suicide call. I put them in a clear portfolio cover with tabs & I took 5 copies with me. I passed out 3 and they returned 2 when they were finished.

From there, I had a 3 question test on Collective Bargaining and they gave me the handbook to find the answers. I finished it & just as I did, they unit was evacuated for a suspicious object in the building. That was kind of cool!

But you know lately that has how my interviews seem to be going. I had one in which two board of directors got into an argument while interviewing me. I had another in which one of the people spent time on a cell phone, I even had one that asked me questions and gave me 60 seconds to answer each without my using a clock.

Todays interview didn't even ask the usual:
  • Tell us more about yourself
  • What are your strengths
  • What are your weaknesses
  • What was the last book you read, what animal describes you, etc.
I have to admit I was very impressed with Stafford Creek Correctional Facility even in the way they treated inmates families.

I didn't get a set answer on when I would know something because the Governor of this state has declared a moratorium on hiring. The kick is if you are already interviewing or in the process of interviewing those people will be hired.

Hubby asked me how it went and I told him I thought it went well, but lately, I can never tell because I am always the one they enjoyed meeting, my answers were great, BUT...we hired someone else. PLEASE, SOMEONE tell me if I have broccoli in my teeth?

I may have another interview for an administrative assistant if they can hire for that position. I spoke with the local county office about a position they had open and was told they received so many applications, they were taking them home to go over them all.

I also applied to a local school district for all 3 positions they had open and I was told the same thing, they got such an onslaught of applications, they are still wading through them.

In the meantime, I am not giving up hope! I believe God will lead me to the right job, where I will do the most good for Him!

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