Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quilting Blogger Summer Quilt Contest...

If you are a quilter, please click on the Lazy Days of Summer quilt picture on the side bar of my blog. It will take you to the Quilting Blogger Michele who is having a fun little summer contest for those of us who have quilts in progress.
I am entering the one posted above because to me little children, gardens and sunflowers are summer.

I only wished I could get a full picture of this as what you see is not the entire quilt. The inset picture is in its completed state however.

Please, even if you aren't a quilter, click on over to Michele's site and let her know Ranny Jean sent you. There are some fantastic quilts and quilting blogs on her blog!

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Mishka said...

Thanks Jean, I got your submission, it's gorgeous!!

Have a great day,