Friday, August 1, 2008

Reaching out to other Grandchildren....

After I closed my last post, it dawned on me that not all grandparents live close to their grandchildren and vice versa. So, here is an idea....adopt a grandchild. No, it doesn't have to be a legal adoption and if you live in a seniors only or active adult only community it might take some thought to do, but if you live in an area filled with children, I am sure you could talk to some parents and do this.

My neighborhood only has a few children, so this wouldn't be a good neighborhood to do it in and I live with my grandchildren or they live with me or something like that. But here is what I suggest because parents are very skittish in todays world to allow their children out of their sight let alone go with another adult.

Perhaps a neighbor you know is a single parent and could use a short break one or two days a week (trust me, even 30 minutes is enough to take a shower or read a chapter of a good book uninterrupted), someone you know from church, school, etc.

Invite the mom over and say I want to teach this little one to sew/quilt, please feel free to relax and have a cup of coffee, tea, etc. in my home while I teach.

The truth is with so many active older adults today, many don't have the time, are still working or just don't want to spend time with their grandchildren, so many grandchildren loose out on this wonderful experience with a grandparent.

Have fun and enjoy teaching a child something that appears to have gone by the wayside, the art of sewing!

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