Friday, August 1, 2008

For Sale...Quilting Magazines

How many quilters out there are looking for fresh ideas for quilts? Well, how about looking for new techniques, help techniques, quick projects, fun projects? I have currently listed on Ebay quilting magazines, I will have the information posted here for those who might be interested.

11 Issues of Quilt World Magazine from 1989-1991, these are in great shape, have all the patterns intact and lots of tips from some very popular and famous quilters.
I am asking $10 plus shipping costs.

I have stacks of quilting magazines that I must let go. The money I receive goes towards the children's school clothing and supplies and my charity quilts.

If you are interested in purchasing from a great seller, go to Ebay and look up Oilman85037 and see all the quilt magazines I have listed at this time.

If they don't sell on Ebay, I will be forced this time to recycle them in the trash and I really hate to do that! $10 for 11 magazines, you can't beat that going to buy these in a store and these are all almost 20 years old.

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