Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Are You Going To Do Now?

YouTube - Cardboard Testimonie

I cannot take the prize for originality on this one. I saw this most powerful video on Lynn's blog on Spiritually Unequaled Marriages and realized this was a message to me to go out and share this with others and stop being so cowardly.

I believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart and soul, I volunteer at church, I pray for others, but when it comes to telling a stranger about Jesus, I get scared. I don't know what to say, I am afraid they will want me to quote the Bible, and while I know scripture, I can't quote it by verse and book.

My cardboard testimony would say:

FRONT: Afraid to talk to others about Jesus

BACK: Jesus is working with me!

I will stand on this promise. Those who believe in Jesus and receive His gift of love and sacrifice will live forever in Heaven. If you are unsure if you are going to go to Heaven, please contact me and I will pray for you, encourage you and help you find a home church.

God Bless All of You!

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