Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wouldn't You Know It?

Wouldn't you know sooner or later that it had to happen? My Bible is completely falling apart & while I am broken hearted about this, I guess it does show others how much I rely on its contents to keep my life on track.

So, I am on a quest to find another Bible. The problem seems to be the version that I like is difficult to find. So if any of my readers can keep their eyes open, or can look in their local Christian Book Stores for me, I am looking for a leather bound copy of 'The Open Bible, New American Standard,' text. I have had this Bible since 1994 and I am thinking of possibly seeing what it would cost to have it rebound.

My original version was a hard cover that I carried with me everywhere when my son Jacob was in PICU many years ago and dying. I set it on one of those spring loaded purse holders in the hospital bathroom & bumped it when I stood up and you guessed it, it fell in the toilet. I dried it out, but the pages expanded. I still have it on the coffee table.

I am not sure if I just can't get rid of it due to sentimental value or I do not feel that tossing a Bible into the trash is proper. Kind of like the American Flag. I would know what to do with an old frayed flag, but a Bible, I don't know.

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