Saturday, August 30, 2008

School Starts Tuesday...

Wow! Where has summer gone this year? Actually, we here in Aberdeen in Grays Harbor have not had our summer yet, with the exception of maybe 2 warm days it has been overcast and cold and wet.

But, we are ready for school with the exception that I will be an on call substitute and our daycare has told us they cannot take our children to school or pick them up because they are already running 3 full buses. This stinks! How do they expect me to work if I have to work around dropping off and picking up the children?

I can work it out with the school to put them in Homework Club after school & that will give them time for me to leave one of the other schools and pick them up, however the morning drop off will be the kicker here. It will all work out I am sure!

Today, it looks like the sun may decide to come out for awhile. If it does, I will be able to paint the railing on the porch & have that done. Poor hubby, every time he has a day off, it pours and we can't get the painting done. It is like Mother Nature knows his days off! HAHA!

All things work out, I know this, so I am not going to get upset over this, I am just going to roll with the flow for once & see what happens!

Have a very great and very safe Labor Day Week-end!

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