Friday, August 29, 2008

My Apron Swap Is On It's Way

With a wee bit of luck from the Irish, my apron swap recipient will love her package I put in the mail today. I didn't want to show to much of it on the swap blog, so I have posted the pictures here.

My partners favorite colors are pink and green, so I bought this canvas bag in pink & decorated it with a sunbonnet Sue and some Shamrocks. I used Tulip fabric paint to outline the cut outs and even got a complement from my hubby when he saw the bag.

Inside the bag will be the apron that is here & a better picture on the previous post. I sewed an extra large orange button on he front and attached the over mitt to the button. I added a dishtowel and 2 oven mitts as well as a hand made cookbook that has recipes and information from Ireland and New England.

Did you know a Banger is a sausage in Irish? I didn't. I finished the package by adding travel brochures to Ireland since my partner stated someday she wants to travel there. Perhaps now with her lucky bag and her travel brochures she will really get the bug to travel.

I tried to combine bits and pieces of her fantasy vacation so she could see them all!


Melinda Cornish said...

bangers and mash with peas.....How do I know this? We used to go to a pub style eating house when we lived in Portland and my spouse was from New Zealand. You eat bangers with mashed potatoes and green peas. You can buy them at Safeway sometimes. they will have the british flag on them. Your apron pkge looks good! I am assuming it is too Ireland that she is going....Melinda

Rainma said...

I can't tell you exactly where it is going, but to Ireland it is not! Sausages & peas? Yuck! I love your apron, it is gorgeous...I am making one for grand girls today, all of a sudden, they have the apron bug! What fun!

grammatrish said...

hi Rainma! got my package from you today and I LOVE it!!!! I will post pics tomorrow on the swap site. I will have to try some of the recipes, nice writing by the way!

I love the travel brochures, I will have to start saving so my husband and I can go, hopefully for our 30th anniversary - we have our 28th this december.

thanks again, you did a wonderful job on the swap package. I really love the colors of the apron, reminds me of my falls spend in Mass. and New hampshire.