Monday, September 15, 2008

A Boy and His Apron

Oh the wonderful fun I have had being a part of Shawnee's apron swap and seeing how some people are so fabulously talented (reversible aprons, I never knew). Such creativity and then you can check out these amazing apron blogs and ladies websites and Etsy sale sites and oh my!

During this swap, my grandson who very patiently sits many hours at a time while I am sewing and asks questions wanted to know about the apron I was making for Gramma Trish (who by the way doesn't look like a gramma at all!) and knew I had been wearing an apron off and on for the last few weeks. Do I get one? I thought and said why not?

I had bought a pattern a few years back and made his sisters art aprons & then gave them to teachers at the end of the school year. Since then, they much prefer to go through their Papa's closet and pick one of his shirts for art!

It was while on a trip to WalMart to buy some lace and glitzy trim for the girls that I realized how much he truly wanted to be a part of this and have his own apron. He cried when I wouldn't buy the lace, but I told him we would make him an apron of his very own.

I measured him and di
dn't even use a pattern. The fabric was definitely for a boy and I think he liked the fact that he didn't have to share it with his sisters.

I think he really likes it and feels pretty special about it, what do you think? His expression is definitely priceless!

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