Friday, September 19, 2008

I Am Such a Volunteer!

Am I crazy? Do I just run around looking for more things to fill my time with or what? First, I am working on some quilts for the Hurricane Victims & police dispatchers & trying to get people together to get some shoe box donations out to Hurricane Victims.

Then, I volunteer to make a few aprons for those in Houston and Galveston that lost all of there possessions during the Hurricane. I am thinking these would be made very simply, so I can get a few done and mail soon.

I have volunteered to 'POP,' into the children's rooms when I can and if I can this year and last night...................drum roll please.............................

I volunteered to be the assistant Brownie leader for the girls troop and take charge of the Daisies.
It is a very small troop and the girls were having such fun that I wondered if I said no after hearing other excuses, what would happen to the little group of happy, sharing and giggly girls I was watching in the room.

So, today is a 1/2 day for the children, Papa is working and Ranny will be on the sewing machine!

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