Friday, September 19, 2008

A Girl and Her Apron

Wow! So much has happened this week. Hurricane Ike was the biggie, now hearing Washington Mutual may go under, AIG, what other things have I missed? I began teaching this week & trying to keep up with all of my commitments to help those under water and without homes.

But you know, once in awhile, you have to do something for yourself, for your family,
catch up with some projects that are screaming out your name. So, here she is, my oldest grand daughter (the photographer, the scholar, the charmer, the new Brownie, etc.) in her just completed less than 10 minutes ago....apron!

She chose the fabric, the pattern and the Camo embellishments at the bottom! Doesn't she look just adorable, like she is ready to be the hostess of
the tea party?

This apron has pleats across the front and I used my sewing machines cross stitch to sew them up! She asked if she can wear it tonight to help me with dinner!

In this last picture on the right, you can see a bit of the detail better, but my digital camera just doesn't seem to get the really nice, crisp, clear pictures that I see everyone else post.

Speaking of aprons and dinner, gotta go...I am fixing Chili and working on a quilt and I want both done before bed this evening!

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