Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Honor of Paul Newman

I remember when I was having my fifth child, a C-Section in the Luke Naval Hospital in Arizona. I had an anesthesiologist who was simply amazing, caring and warm. Here I am about to deliver a baby and I look up at his face and say, ' do you know your eyes are as blue as Paul Newman's?' It was a good laugh for all of us.

I loved Paul Newman when he stepped out of the movies and became racing or stood up for a cause because you just knew this wasn't a publicity stunt, it was who Paul Newman was and what he really believed in.

I always loved his comment on if he ever strayed from Joanne Woodward...'when you have steak at home, why settle for hamburger.'

Paul Newman passed away this morning and in memory of him, I would like to ask each of you who read this blog to reach out and contribute something to one of the Hole in the Wall Gang camps either near you or that you feel close to.

Check out this web-site at:

Victory Junction Gang Camp is always looking for items from those willing to donate, go to:

Most of us began volunteering for one reason or another or making crafts, quilts, clothing, etc. to reach out to others. My grandmother was a huge volunteer when I was younger. I started volunteering in high school and it is just a part of who I am & I continue to help those where and when I can.

In Honor of Paul Newman's life, I ask you to reach out and help someone else & make their life a bit brighter!


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Paul was a dreamboat in many ways. Joanne is too.

Anonymous said...

How can I email you directly?