Monday, September 1, 2008

Just a Quick Post

Just a really short & quick post this morning and then while I am out grocery shopping today, hubby will get his chance to paint (hallelujah, the sun is shiny this morning). With that said, I couldn't help but want to post some more of the cute pictures my granddaughter took the other night on her Battle Sail.

Of course, what would a true battle sail be like with the cannons blasting their black powder at each other making lots of noise for those on board.

The first picture is that of one of the cannons on the Lady Washington & if you look closely you can see some of the smoke that is coming off the cannon. The p
icture above is the Hawaiian Chieftan with both of its cannons posed to be taking their shots at the Lady Washington. I was very impressed that she thought to get pictures of both and not just the cannons on the tall ship she was on!

And of course no entry would be totally comple
te without these 2 pictures of the adventurers that braved the chill in the air that night together. Both of them had their watch caps on to keep their heads and ears warm & yes, hubby works for the cable company. It is awesome to be married to my own Cable Dude! She is very proud of the cap she wears because her daddy nicknamed her princess when she was little & it helps her keep close to him in some small way.

If you are interested in going on a battle sail or just want to learn more about the Lady Washington and the great sea camps they have, contact them at
They have a youth camp for disadvantaged and at-risk youth and they also have day programs for students.

For the ultimate in sailing experiences, you might want to volunteer to be a crew member!

Have a safe Labor Day!

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