Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Barking Dogs, What To Do?

So, as many of you know I was a police dispatcher for over 12 years & believe me the calls we got over and over again about barking dogs/nuisance dogs you could set your clock by the regular callers. Many times it caused bad neighbor relations between the callers and the dog owner. For the most part, many of the pet owners worked nights & didn't know their dogs were barking. Others, no matter what they tried (shock collars, putting dog in a kennel in the house, etc.) just couldn't keep their dogs quiet.

Now, before all of the animal lovers start attacking me and throwing their arrows at my heart, let me tell you that many calls were from owners in their homes with their doors and windows closed and I could hear the dog over the telephone loud & clear.

I have lived in my home since June 2007 & my husband has lived here since Jan. 2007. The neighbor behind us has 3 little dogs that yap all day & run around the neighborhood chasing people walking dogs, people not walking dogs, people getting out of their vehicles and kids in the neighborhood playing. These dogs get put outside and roam loose just yapping & yapping and they even come into our yard yapping at my grandchildren. The kids are terrified of these little dogs. However, I think they are to skittish to get close enough for any contact.

The owners truly don't care, one of the dogs scratched a neighbors door to pieces trying to get into her home when her dog went into heat, that is how bad they are!

I have talked to the kids who live their (ages 12-23) 7 they have apologized, but nothing gets done. I haven't called the police because it is my understanding they have lived in the home for over 20 years & mom owns two local businesses,so she probably knows the police force & I would be snitched on immediately. Trust me, many times that is exactly how it works!

The second dog was a nuisance running around the neighborhood, knocking over trash cans, etc. The owners put this dog on a long chain and leave it outside quite a bit during the day & he only ever barks when something is going on. However, he turns into a barking nightmare when night comes. The owners have to hear this dog, they are home and all the lights are on.

So, any suggestions on how to handle this without upsetting the neighbors? One poor neighbor that I had only met today was so disappointed that the people had actually bought the house, she said it was always a rental & was hoping they were renters as well!

Talking to them about it doesn't work!

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