Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Feel Good...

Today was a glorious day! I got up early & got the kids off to school & went to WalMart to pick up some batteries for my reading light and some birthday/granparents day cards. Came home, made a few scheduled telephone calls & asked a friend to go to Ocean City with me.

Unless you live in Washington state or have visited our exceptionally pristine beaches, you don't know how breath taking they are with each peek through the trees or opening along the roadway it just gets better and better.

While I am waiting for my first telephone call as a substitute para educator until my emergency certificate comes out, I felt I should be out filling out payroll paperwork & todays school district was Ocean Shores.

From there, my friend Kellie and I took an awesome drive over to Pacific Beach so I could meet the principal, teachers and school secretary that I will be working for and with should I ever get a call. They were all so amazingly kind and the kids at lunch were the quietest group I have heard in a very long time.

We came back into town and stopped by the quilt shop so I could get help with my Hexagons, they are really nice there and she told me the sizes must be exactly the same and my problem with a few of them were they differed in size.

Picked up the children at school and they were so bubbly and happy that I just had to take them for a surprise trip to Dairy Queen, but the real blessing of the day was turning the corner from the school and seeing my hubby. We were all waving and the kids were hollering & of course I stopped and got a quick kiss, I am not about to pass one of those up!

When I got home to get on my blog, there was a wonderful message from my apron swap partner, her gift had arrived and she was very pleased with it. So, if I could right now, I would be doing flips and cartwheels, but since I can't, I can just say, I am very satisfied with this day!

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