Thursday, September 4, 2008

Backpacks, Breakfast & Back To School

Well, today is the third day of school here and the kids are still getting up with smiles. The oldest loves school, homework & anything to do with learning. The middle child sees school as an outlet for her social endeavors. The baby is just excited that he gets to go with them.

This picture was taken the first day of school. You can see how smiley and happy they are to be leaving for learning! You can also see that we are still doing construction around our front door more than a year after it was put up! Soon, it will be complete!

This picture is of them in the kitchen getting ready to head out to school with hubby. They didn't see me with the camera, so I just snapped one off quickly. I snapped the one of the littlest in the family as he was singing! I just love spur of the moment, unplanned shots!
It is hubby's day off and of course the clouds are out. I am hoping it will become as beautiful today as it was yesterday so we can get all of our trim painting done and be ready to paint the main body of the house!

So, our mornings are very organized: Out of bed, breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, pick up the rooms while I do the dishes, get backpacks, go over last minute homework and off to school!

This week I have been taking advantage of the fact they have been in school and for the last 2 days I have gotten nothing accomplished. So, I will bid all adieu at this time because I am expecting a call from a realtor to do a move out clean!

Happy school days to all!

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Melinda Cornish said...

they look so happy! So are mine! they were really ready to go back and see their friends and their teachers! Melinda