Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Stuff = Dirty Laundry

I am really liking this Bible study because it just makes you think about things in perspective! Thinking of Aaron building the idol for the Egyptians and then Moses comes back down and God destroys 3000 people. Wow! It reminds me of someone I know that worked in hostage negotiations and told me when they first started each time they were called upon the person killed themselves & yet, they had to distance themselves from this to continue. BTW, that person is now a top notch negotiator.

1. Have you ever experienced trials that were best dealt with "in the family" for either your reputation's sake or God's? You may still choose to leave them there, but you are welcome to share if you are comfortable. Most definitely. At one time I had 3 of my sons in prison for different things. Let me say this, it isn't something you advertise to anyone & it makes you feel like a horrible parent. More so in my case because I am not close to my siblings and none of their children had ever been in trouble with the law, so it was something I didn't share for a long time with even my parents. I guess I quit worrying when my oldest son wrote and told me that I had better not be feeling bad because he had great parents, knew right from wrong, it wasn't anything about me, it was all about his wrong choices. Isn't that what Aaron did, make a wrong choice?

Have you ever found yourself in a bizarre circumstance and later were able to walk someone through the same/similar situation? Did you recognize the hand of God in it? It would have to be back at the prison/jail thing. I came out of visiting one day just sobbing, it hurt so bad to see my son chained like an animal to the table in jail, I just couldn't take it. Several other ladies came and hugged me and lifted me up telling me it won't get any easier, but the crying won't continue either. Several weeks later I was able to hold a young ladies hand as she came out from visiting her brother, I knew I was where God wanted me at that time.

. I was in my late twenties before I ever let myself believe God was for me instead of waiting to smack me upside the head everytime I made a mistake. Do you truly believe God is on your side? Absolutely!

If God has ever had you in the Holy Spirit Chokehold (and who hasn't He?), how have you reacted to God's chastisement? Were you bitter? Brokenhearted? Grateful? I guess it would depend on which time. I could be one or the other it all depends on what else was going on. Now I am forever grateful when I feel His presence!

Write a brief prayer of Thanksgiving for God's longsuffering. Father God I am ever so blessed for the pain you have gone through to keep my head above the drowning line. You are a wonderful and loving God and I know at times You have had to tap me on the shoulder before I realized it was You. Thank you for staying with me and knowing sooner or later I would realize how very much You love me!

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hi Rainma!

I'm so glad you are working through this study. I hope it is an encouragement to you. One thing I know is that God promises to work through His Word. I pray that for you!