Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another First Tooth Moment

I am not sure what it is about first grade, but I do believe that most kids loose the bulk of their teeth in the first grade. My oldest lost 6 last year although she did loose 1 in kindergarten. I know the teachers expect it because they all have some form of box or tube to put those teeth in when they fall out.

So, here is our cutie without her bottom tooth. Papa literally used nippers to pull it out as it was laying almost flat in her mouth but she wouldn't pull it.

A few minutes after we snapped this photo, I found her in the bathroom hanging from the tub surround to see herself in the mirror.

There is never a dull moment in our home and I am always amazed at how quickly the teeth start falling out once the first one does.

So, I have my house all cleaned and everything but the laundry done and I will work on that a bit tomorrow before going to my house cleaning job...I have a vacant apartment to clean & that won't stave off the bill collectors, but perhaps it will help!

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