Sunday, September 28, 2008

A new puppy!

When I got up this morning, I was in a rush to get to church as we are having a Financial Peace University class. I wasn't feeling well, but didn't want to miss the class, so I went and then excused myself from church.

On the way home wouldn't you know it, I passed up 2 little girls holding a sign that said 'free puppies,' yep, you guessed it, we now have a little sweetie pie girl dog/mutt named Dotty. I say mutt only because the lady said they were part boxe
r and pit bull and this dog is not either of those, she has a long snout and is a fur ball. Oh well, the vet will have some idea!

The kids think she is a baby and needs to be in this little fire truck and they have pushed her around and carried her all day...............they won't be so happy when night comes and the puppy whining starts! But she will be fine.

I took this picture of the oldest multi-tasking. She is playing a computer game and holding the basket with the puppy in it rocking it to sleep. Oh Lordy, I forgot how much fun kids and puppies can be!


Cathy said...

You are in for some fun now! What a cutie. Enjoy. Cathy

Niki :-) said...

Oh what fun! Cutie pie that Dotty. No, she's not pit at ALL. I think our Sasha is pregnant. She is pure bred pekingese. She will be due in November if she is. Can't wait! Puppies are so cute. Dotty is adorable.