Monday, September 8, 2008

Something smells yummy!

There is just nothing better than spending a Sunday afternoon right after church making something special with my three grandchildren and when its Pumpkin Bread, well, I think their faces say it all.

Hmmmm, maybe I should get busy making them an apron!

They all
love to help with cooking and their favorite thing right now is learning how to crack eggs without getting the shells in the batter. In this first picture, two are holding the bowl while the other stirs the batter or else the bowl gets away from them!

This second picture is of the oldest stirring and notice she is using 2 hands. That is because the batter is very thick and secondly, I showed them how to bring the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl up to the surface. They are such great team workers!

This last picture is of them and their finished product right before it went into the oven. Look how happy their little faces are.
I would love to show you the finished product, however shortly after these loaves cooled I had a very repentant child come up to me and tell me this story.

'Ranny, I did something and you are going to be upset with me. I took a piece of the crust from the pumpkin bread to try it and it was so good, I ate the whole crust.'

So, I go to check it out just as little brother is passing by it and he looks at me and says, 'Ranny, I think somebody dropped this one on the floor because the crust is gone.'

She ate the entire top of one of the loaves right off.
Of course she made up for it when she said it was really really good and I just couldn't stop.

Whatcha gonna do but love them and laugh!


grammatrish said...

hi Jean,
thanks for commenting on my blog, you are my first visitor!! I sell the hats for 25.00, and they are reversible, I'm going to post pictures of the ones I have finished/available. I will be making more red hats soon.

thanks again! and I do love everything, i forgot to mention the bag you made also. too cute

love the pumpkin bread too! my husband cooks with our grandkids (I dont cook,lucky me) and they love it so much.

Sherry said...

Your grandkids are so cute! They have the biggest smiles and who couldn't resist pumpkin bread?!?!? I love pumpkin and sweet potatoe breads, muffins, pies, etc....

MMMMMmmmmm I think I need to bake something tomorrow!