Thursday, October 2, 2008

27 Years & Yes, I Would Marry Him Again!

Yesterday my hubby (affectionately known to me as Babe) & I celebrated our 27 wedding anniversary. Well, not really celebrated, more or less wished each other happy anniversary. As a friend says, we are really party animals.

I am a volunteer Awana's teacher on Wednesdays and when I agreed to volunteer, I didn't look at the calendar to see if our anniversary fell on that day & hubby bowls on Wednesdays.

So, when I woke up, he hugged me and wished me Happy Anniversary! He went to work, I went to work paying bills and shopping!

I actually know he has a weakness of sorts for ice cream cakes, so I bought him an Oreo ice cream cake which pales in comparison to these beautiful roses I got.

We really never have done much on our anniversary, always living where there was no family and many times no one else to watch our children, we have done what we can where we can.

So, after 27 years, I don't expect lavish gifts, the roses were enough and if I hadn't gotten them I would have been fine as well. My gift yesterday was leaving the grocery store and seeing him sitting alongside the road & running up to him and giving him a kiss. Gosh, I love his smile and kisses and that is enough for me.

Guess I am weird! I don't need extravagance, just a warm fire at night, a good movie and his love!


Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! 27 years with a wonderful guy is something to be proud of. Cathy

Brenda said...

I know what you's not the "things", that are important. happy 27! Not a small feat...=)