Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Gift from Texas!

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding all these wonderful things for you that you didn't expect. WOW! It was like Christmas in October and the way things have been going around this home lately, we feel this was truly a blessing to brighten our day and our spirits. What makes it more special is that it came from Frieda who spent 12 days without power thanks to Hurricane Ike!

I was amazed! A Seattle postcard, directions to various things one can do in and around Seattle, even a quirky little thing called, 'Ride the Duck,' after visiting in and around the area for so many years, I had never heard of this, but it is definitely going to be on my TO DO list the next time we get a chance for a day trip!

The card stock was simply beautiful and cool and I can't wait to use some of it! The stickers were for the kids and myself and that was pretty special to all of us. Frieda is just an amazing woman to be able to think of us when her own family was in need!

She even enclosed this adorable little card to let me know she felt badly. Why anyone would apologize after going through what the residents of Texas just experienced, is beyond me & beyond my expectations! I just can't say thank you enough for her kindness in her time of need to me!

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Frieda said...

I am so glad you liked the package. I have always finished what I have started. I committed to this apron swap and I wanted to be able to finish. I have been blessed in my life and I wanted to send some to you and your family. I had so much fun buying the stickers for the kids. My husband says I am just a big kid. Hope you have a great week.