Sunday, October 5, 2008

Americans Struggling & Yet...

Okay, once in awhile I get on the high horse and ask politically stupid questions and today is no different. Am I the only one taking notice that while Rome burns (US Financial crisis), that the United Arab Emirates is building another hugely expensive and tall opulent building?

It will take 10 years to build and is larger than 3 Chrysler buildings in New York placed end to end. While they are building these lavish buildings and homes, the United States is falling apart because we are so stuck on them and their oil that no one cares to make changes.

I lived in Arizona for over 22 years and with all the suns power and all the things that could be done in that area, no one was doing much of anything. John F. Long a visionary in the area had the guts to take the first giant step and not only build one home with solar power, but he build the WORLDS first solar subdivision. A gentle and humble man with humble beginnings in Arizona who was dedicated to the Phoenix area, build the WORLDS first.

When I left there were up croppings here and there of solar powered homes, earth rammed homes, the recycled style homes and many people were living off solar power if they lived off the grid or in an area that bringing power in would be cost prohibitive.

Places like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah could all have large subdivisions with solar power and many people I believe would be willing to pay for that type of a choice. However, the electric companies don't want us to be total solar and the few that do use photo voltaics are charging for that use and or not using enough of it.

In Arizona and other places that have so much sun, the sun is free! It doesn't cost to figure out a way to harness that power. I remember our first home we bought, it had a solar hot water heater and let me tell you it was nice to not have to pay for hot water any time of the year and you had to be careful to not get burnt it was that hot. I knew several people who cooked with solar ovens, one was purchased but the other one was home made.

All I am saying is we are way to dependent on the oil companies and no, I am not saying anything new, however if we each began to demand our government did more to provide us relying less on oil, we would all benefit!

It is a huge pain to rely on the public transportation system, however in my area it is pretty easy to get around. We must figure a way to stop sending all of our hard earned dollars to other countries and start figuring ways to do things for ourselves.

Then again, perhaps we should talk to the Amish!

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