Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cleaning the Basement

I have changed the look of my blog to fit the season. After spending so many years in Arizona where the weather just remains hot or incredibly hot, I love the changes here in the air. I love waking up to my hubbies crackling fires to keep us warm, frost on the ground and the clearness in the air.
This year, I seem to be hooked on pumpkins. Think about it, pumpkins just seem to be the perfect thing for fall! Their color is bright and happy, their feel is smooth and cool, they smell the best in pies, muffins, rolls and if you have a Dairy Queen Around you, go get a pumpkin pie blizzard it is amazing!
Two of my specialties this time of year is pumpkin bread and pumpkin pancakes. Pumpkins are just plain old good down home comfort food!
So, back to the post on cleaning the basement. I have a lady coming over today to pick up an old end table that belonged to my grandmother. While it is old, it isn't an antique or anything, it is just an end table that has served its time well.
We are also getting rid of an overstuffed arm chair that has also served its time. We are making way for painting and adding shelving, possibly a small bathroom and some other things in the downstairs. Our basement is what makes our home comfortable for without it, this house would be cramped!
If anyone of you would like to have some quilting magazines, I have plenty that go back to the early 1980's, please let me know and I will be glad to bundle you up a dozen of them. The only catch is that you must send me a money order to pay the postage. Aside from that, I will send you a list and you can pick your own.
It is just time to begin getting the clean up done around our home and sharing what we can with others, taking some things to charity, sending things to the baby girl of the family that doesn't live with us (like her sisters hand me downs) & generally getting ready to hunker down for the long winter ahead of us!
Once it starts raining around here, it will all be over!


Sherry said...

I need to go through and clean our basement. I think we may be moving in a couple of months so I need to start sorting through things too. I'm glad your feeling better!


Brenda said...

So how'd you change the look of your blog? It's awesome...I have no Tekki knowledge and am stuck with the template look. =( I wish I had a fancy schmanzy one like yours, woo-Hoo! You are so seasonal, I love it!