Friday, October 10, 2008

My New Sewing Room/Space

So, if you remember yesterday my closet looked like this:
It was full of stuff and a huge mess and my husband was bound and determined he was going to bless me with a sewing space & he did!

All day yesterday I kept saying thank you and I app
reciate this and all the hard work you have done & he kept telling me it is just a closet. To me, it is not just a closet, it is my own private space for sewing, crafting & reading in the evenings when I don't want the lights to be to bright.

It is my little piece of heaven in the house and something I can't wait to try out. Wow! I can't believe the closet had so much room to give me and we still have room on two shelves to put other stuff!

The coats are all tucked away in hubbies closet and that will soon be another project we will take on, but for this week-end, the project we worked on came out amazing!

So, here is the new sewing room...closet. You can see the sewing machine on the shelf and it is the entire width/length & depth of the closet so I have a lot of flat space to use. You can still see the shoe rack on the door, but now it is even more organized with cubbies for rotary cutters, cutter blades, binding, scissors, emergency flashlights, etc.

Then, you can see the shelf where I have my sewing things all put neatly away:
He mounted my thread rack he had bought me a few Christmases ago, put a hook up for my mats and yard sticks and mounted a light under the shelf so I won't go blind!

This was truly an act of love on his part! Like I said, I am and was blessed!


Sarah said...

Your sewing room turned out so perfect! I am so excited for you and cant wait to see the great things you create in your new space.

Sherry said...

Isn't funny how appreciated we can become of just a little space to ourselves! Your sewing room looks beautiful! It is so organized! I love the shelf with the light attached. Very nice job!!! Someone deserves a big hug for such a great job!


Brenda said...

Now that is cool! My husband put up a phone in my basement so I wouldn't have to come upstairs to answer it and the very next day the whole house was without phone service and I had to have the telephone company come to fix it, LOL! All they did was take the new line and disconnect it and whala! the phones worked again...Needless to say, I don't really ask him to help with home improvement projects anymore, LOL!