Friday, October 10, 2008

The Closet....

So, here I am openly showing the world the inside of my living room closet & this picture was taken after we removed most of the coats inside. You can see, it is pretty deep and even fit the glove/hat cabinet inside.

It is approximately 3' x 3' in width. We are retrofitting it to become my sewing room/sewing spot/sewing closet and last night, hubby was very busy cutting and measuring and hammering.

A good friend of ours will probably provide me with the paint to paint the inside and I am thinking I will probably hang a really cool quilt inside when it is done.

You can see that I am a huge user of over the door shoe holders because you can put so many things in them and if you put things back as you should, you always know where to find them.

The second photo was an attempt to show the depth of the closet from the shelve that was in there (and now is gone) to the ceiling. Hubby is going to put some shelves up higher for things we need but rarely use and then mount a florescent light under one of the shelves.

He is going to get me a power cord and some other things to help me store fabric. It is such a cute little area (or will be when it is done).

I will keep you posted. And yes, I do have lots of extra note books, crayons, markers, etc. When they go on sale at WalMart I purchase them and then when the teachers ask for them, I have them and send them in. The little black tin box is an old sewing box and just perfect for my hold glue gun and glue sticks!

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