Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am getting a sewing table! YES!!!!

Well, maybe the title of this posting is a little bit misleading, but I really am getting my own sewing table and sewing space. My dear hubby decided he can turn our living room closet into my very own compact and private sewing room. TODAY!! I am so very blessed!!

He is going to have to add lighting, electrical, remove our hat and glove cabinet and relocate it elsewhere, but I am almost in tears because he loves me this much. Or is it he just doesn't want the sewing mess on the kitchen table anymore? No, I know it is because he loves me.

We are tearing out the old shelf and rod, adding narrower shelves up higher for things we need to keep in the closet, rehanging my thread holder and making it a nice place to sew or quilt. It will be really small, but I am hoping I can make it work for quilts.

I will post before and after photos as we go along.

I'm getting a sewing table, I'm getting a sewing table, I'm getting, oh, you get the picture!


Sarah said...

I am SOOOOO excited for you to get your own sewing space! Just last night my Husband suggested that we re-arrange the room yet again to give me more space. There is nothing in the world like having the one you love support you in your craft and help to make things easier for you!!!

MMM said...

Congratulations on your own space! Take a look at the very inexpensive sewing table that I made myself here - - I just *love* it! And thank you for the kind words and link to my blog :)

Marguerita in Alaska