Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is Home

When you live in Washington state, people think you are a bit touched in the head because of all the rain they hear about & I will be the first to admit there is lots and lots of rain especially if you live on the edge of a rain forest and on the coast as we do. However, you will not find any better picture taking than in this state, it is just beyond measure!

This picture was taken this past summer when our neighbor took the children and myself and another neighbor to Lake Quinault and taught the little ones to Kayak. It was the most amazing day ever! This picture was taken almost at the end of
the day as the kids were wrapped up tightly in towels and changing into dry clothing.

The fog and rain were just gently gliding across the sky and the top of the mountain and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! Since today is wonderfully cool and crisp outside, I thought I would share some of the scenic pictures with you of that day!

I just found this sail boat to be the perfect foreground in this picture. It was all alone out in the water with the exception of the kids in their Kayak's who weren't quite as far out as this boat
was. It just reminded me of peace and tranquility!

After a long day on the lake, with fresh clean clothes on, what child would miss the chance to roll down a gently sloped hill and say it was the best day of summer?

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