Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Puppy is well!

Last evening my oldest grand daughter is packing the puppy around as we have asked her time after time to not do and it escapes from her arms onto the hard floor, yelping in pain. The puppy is limping and grand daughter is horrified she broke the puppies leg. This child who has a heart for Jesus and loves everyone is just sobbing uncontrollably.

I go up with her to her room and her and I and her sister all place our hands on Dotty and we pray over her leg & then I splinted it. I took some craft sticks, broke them in half, put them on each side of the front leg, wrapped it in gauze and tape and then placed Dotty in her crate.

This morning, hubby and I removed the splint and Miss Dotty is doing fine! I can't wait for the girls to wake up and let them know that Jesus healed Dotty's paw because they believed that he would!

Outa here for the rest of the day!

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