Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting For The Sky to Fall

Let me give this legal notice now. I am a pessimist or used to be, or can be and NO, the glass isn't always half full, but lately, no matter what, life is pretty rosy. The bill collectors are calling and calling, AIG who was granted or loaned over $85,000,000,000 is NOT a forgiving as the government was with them nor is almost any other bill collector. Sending me to collections probably isn't going to get my creditors paid any sooner than I doing right now. My husband is working 6 days a week to help us make ends meet and it breaks my heart. In spite of what the candidates believe, $45 will NOT buy a family of 5 a weeks worth of groceries, but if you watch what and where you buy, it will give you 3 days.

So, on Friday when I won 10 free gallons of gas, I was ecstatic and blessed and praising the Lord all over the place. Saturday when I woke up and was pain free I thought it was a great day and a day that periodically I am blessed with.

Sunday before I got out of bed I thought this was it, I would stay home from church once again unable to move, however, I got up and could walk without pain. Now, I was beginning to see this as healing to my body and spent yesterday sharing with others how I believe I have been healed
and doing more housecleaning.

I asked my hubby if he believed that God still heals and he asked why (BTW he is the eternal optimist usually) & I told him about my healing and pain free status. He said to give it a few days.

Today, is day #3, I have been on my feet all day teaching and still NO PAIN!

I am claiming Gods glorious healing to my body and believe this was and is all part of His larger plan to why I am living in Aberdeen.

So, while I am giving God the glory and believing in healing, I am wondering (and I hate to have doubt) if the sky isn't going to fall, the other shoe drop.

Today I ran into a friend and she and another person have told me how much they have noticed a change in my persona lately, I appear happy and lively!

Will keep you posted!


Sherry said...

Just enjoy your pain free days!! I'm glad for you!


Melinda Cornish said...

I am glad you are feeling better! Melinda

Cathy said...

Yippeee! That is excellent news. Good things are happening for Quiling Ranny! Cathy