Sunday, October 26, 2008

Benny Hinn

Does anyone watch Benny Hinn? You probably know him as the man who preaches and then touches people and they fall over. You may not believe in the power he has, but I believe that anyone can be a vessel for Gods holy anointing and in a crowd as large as those that Benny Hinn draws, well the bible tells us: 'Where one or more are gathered, so shall I be.'

So, I am sitting in the basement night before last putting together a puzzle with the girls (a 500 piece puzzle) and flipping through channels when Benny Hinn comes on. I missed the show but was able to catch the end where people come onto the stage talking about their healing's. Now, I know that God still can and does perform miracles so we are not going into a discussion on this as to if these are real or not on his show. I know many people believe he stages them and still others have received true healing.

This lady comes on stage and she came to the show in a wheelchair, she suffered from Fibromyalgia, had 3 back surgeries and was unable to do anything due to the pain she was in. She hopped across the stage, bent over and touched her toes, etc.

Benny Hinn went onto describe how Fibromyalgia is just a very awful malady, leaving those who suffer with it wracked in pain all the time with no let up. Then the show cut to Benny Hinn and a pile of prayer requests.

I stretched out my hands and began crying and praying with my heart and soul and begging God to please give me my life back without pain. Of course the girls were worried because I was crying, but they hugged me during this time.

Yesterday, I cleaned my living room from top to bottom and I mean cleaned:
wiped window sills down, fireplace mantel, the fireplace was cleaned, I stacked kindling, dusted, swept, dust mopped, mopped and cooked dinner. No pain at all!

This morning as is my usual routine, I woke up, stretched and stood up expecting the horrible pain in my feet and it isn't there. While I am usually on my computer, my back, hips and legs are burning. Not today!

Do I believe that God can heal me? More than anything, I believe in the healing powers of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Do I think I am healed? I know I am not in pain and haven't been for the last 24 hours. Do I feel I deserve healing? I believe that God heals those He chooses to heal to continue whatever job He has for them to complete.

I believe that God can heal everyone, but for some reason, he doesn't. A few months ago, we lost a very sweet child that our family had adopted as another grandchild. This young man, Michael Honey had gone through more pain and suffering at the young age of 13 than I have ever known or will probably ever know. Michael passed away from a rare childhood cancer that first took his leg, then his shoulder, his insides and then Michael.

So many people were praying for this young man with the beautiful smile and the courage to ask us old ladies to dance while dancing us silly with one leg. He swam like a fish and was a joy to know.

Why God didn't heal Michael and chose to bring him back home to heaven I will never know. Why God chose many years ago to take my young son Jacob at the age of 18 months, I will never know and probably never completely get over, but I accept that the Lord is who His word tells me He is and I accept there are many things that work in life I don't understand.

Am I healed? I believe something is definitely going on and I will keep you posted, but two days of pain free, I am claiming a healing!


Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that you have been pain free! I cant wait to hear the updates.

Caron said...

I am glad to hear you are pain free, too :)

Some people will have their healing on the other side of eternity.

Check out the video of my friend with cerebral palsy here:

God bless you!