Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 Men and A Turkey

How was your Thanksgiving? As you can see, mine was fantastically awesome!! We left Wednesday afternoon to head up to spend it with a very wonderful, friend who has been in my life since before I met my hubby. Jerry (DH) is the guy in all blue and John (BFF) is in red.

The ride was really relaxing once we got the puppy to settle down and coming through Belfair, Allyn and the little towns between McCleary and Silverdale was enchanting. We stopped in Port Orchard to finish up o
ur shopping and I was amazed at how well Fred Meyers was running business, matter of fact, I didn't even wait in line.

We got to John's and unloaded the car, put things away and then went to pizza at RoundTable in the area, their ultimate veggie combo was fantastic! The kids went to bed when we got home and we sat up for a bit and talked.

Thursday, uh, the only thing I had to cook, I the bacon and brussel sprouts were not on the table. But the 2 men, oh my, the turkey, potatoes, gravy, it was amazing and I don't th
ink I even once did a dish! To say I am spoiled rotten by these two is an immense understatement.

Here is hubby stuffing the bird, yep, he makes the dressing, fixes the bird and it was a great day. Everyone really m
ade the day a day of teamwork and the hubby got to rest which he really needs from all the stuff he does around here to keep this place in heat!

I don't want you to all get to thinking I didn't do anything! I made the fruit salad, the pumpkin cheesecake (to die for), deviled eggs and sweet potatoes and I peeled white potatoes.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to enjoy Thanksgiving with a friend, to share the day (the past few days) just relaxing and enjoying each others company. We haven't shared a Thanksgiving with anyone since about 1998 or so. This was very special!

And of course,the final two pictures show how very happy everyone was to finally sit down and share in great food, great company and a wonderful day. I hope this turns out to be a tradition between all of us, because it was the best time on a holiday I can remember in a long time.

Yes, the table cloth and the napkins were real, not paper!

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