Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can We Really Afford This?

Okay, so when it flushes it floods. When it drains it backs up. It seems to be our month or at the very least our last several weeks time for plumbing. If anyone has been following what has been going on then you will recall last week hubby replacing the wax ring around the toilet.

Obviously, it wasn't that. So, just hours before we are to leave out of town, the toilet is in two pieces. Jerry has flushed hose water down the main pipe and it drains as pretty as can be. He cleaned the trap out, a few screws, staples, lots of sand, but nothing major. So, he said if this time it doesn't work, we can replace the toilet.

I told him I am not sure we can afford to replace the toilet right now. He looked at me a little quizzically and said a couple hundred dollars? Then rolled his eyes and said: 'I know I shouldn't ask this, but why can't we afford to fix the toilet?'

Well, if the toilet is off and we are getting a new one, I want one that has the new comfort height, and we may as well pull up the flooring the bathroom and replace it with the new flooring, I mean why put a new toilet on old flooring? Then of course, I really dislike my tub and shower so if we are replacing the flooring and toilet, it is a perfect time to get a new tub and of course when that is all done, we may as well get a new sink and cabinet, some light fixtures.'

He looked at me and said: 'where do women come up with all these ideas? I should have known why it would cost us so much for a toilet.'

Then with a smile, he said, I am not going to ever say anything needs to be replaced again, I may be buying another house...hmmm, now that I think of it. ONLY JOKING!!!

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