Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aargh, NOT NOW...The Plumbing

So, over the past week-end we had the plumbing problem under the kitchen sink. All is well. Now, we have the plumbling problem in the bathroom. Most homes can withstand a leak here and there, but not ours. The idiots (forgive me, but they were) who put our bathroom together, left a gap in the floor that goes into the basement ceiling and they never ever never caulked one seam, so when the toilet flooded this guessed it, the basement got a soaking!

I can deal with the water in the basement and the clean up, but my husband gave his mother an oil painting of himself over 20 years ago that we now own and it got wet. I think I salvaged it, but time will tell!

It was on the floor because I wanted to paint the walls, which need sanding in certain places and we can't sand because the television is in the basement and I have wanted to move it but DH keeps putting it off. Well, guess what? It will be moved this week so we can get to work down there!

I wasn't wanting to pull the plumbing up right now because it was my hopes when it came up we would be replacing the floor, getting a new toilet, new sink and tub surround. All in all around $3000 worth of new and we aren't ready for it yet.

God is good though, He must have scheduled this little fiasco because I don't have to be to work this morning until 10:00! Praise the Lord in all things, I can find job. Even a flooded toilet!

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