Friday, November 21, 2008

An Old Collar, A New Dress

A very while back, I purchased some antique ladies hankies and an antique lace collar from Rebecca who runs the Goodness Shop over at Etsy. You can check Rebecca's Etsy shop out at;

Rebecca carries vintage sewing trims, buttons, cards, etc., and she is fantastic to work with.

I had plans on making Alysha the middle child a dress that would fit her dancing diva style and this is what I came up with:

I had the very modern and bright fabric in my stash collection and even had an old pattern I had never used so I got to cutting it out. I just love the little puffy sleeves on this.

I then took the antique collar and sewed it onto this dress which didn't have a collar at all, as it was more of a tee-shirt neck line, but I think the old collar really dresses t
his up quite well. Don't you?

This next picture is a close up of the pockets which were another idea of mine.

Once again, I used a vintage item that Rebecca had. Only this time I cut up 2 vintage hankies but laying the lacy crochet over the top of the pockets and then utilizing the hankie itself as a lining. When she put on the dress, her first comment was on the pockets!

This last picture is a great close up of the collar and you can see it had a band around the top of the lace, so I was able to attach the collar with a simple straight stitch.

Don't you know who will be wearing her Sunday finest to church and bragging about her new dress?

Thank you Rebecca for all of your diligence in finding such great items that I can recycle and find another use for!


Nanci said...

Absolutely lovely. I can see a little girl with white socks, pattent leather maryjane shoes wearing the dress.
Very nice blog.

Rainma said...

Thank you Nanci and she would much prefer to wear her tights, which our darling diva calls her lady legs.