Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Day, Another Quilt

Here is Stuart's quilt. The young 15 year old who has Histiocystosis. I learned about his disease and his families plight through 911 Cares.

Since Stuart and my youngest son Adam both are Autistic, I just felt this was another quilt that God had wante
d me to make for someone to give them comfort.

You can see that I used several different sizes of squares and rectangles for the main body of this quilt and then cut up smaller rectangles for the border.

It was very easy to piece together and for the first time (using grandma's machine) I actually got all my seams
to line up, there was no bird nesting on the bobbin and everything went smoothly. With the exception of 2 broken needles. Both from hitting a pin because I wasn't paying attention.
Here you can see the border a bit better along with how I roll my back into an edge binding.
It is filled with a high loft batting and the finished size is 35" x 50". I think it is a perfect si
ze for a 'hug' quilt.

The back was completed in green fleece as Stuart likes things that are soft.

The small indentions you see on the back are the places where the quilt was tied. Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I still like to tie off my quilts.

Of course, what would a quilt be without the finishing touch of a quilt label. I just felt this label was perfect for a young man who has such a positive outlook on life in spite of his current set-back.

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