Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have I Gone Stark Raving Mad?

Why would I bother asking that question after the fact? Oh who knows what madness lurks in my mind, but it is slowly eeking out, waiting for the crazy cops to come with their white coats on and lock me up for good.

After watching so much money go to the banking industry for the huge mess they got themselves into and then the outrageous and arrogant auto makers this past week, I had enough. I have watched Detroit push out gas guzzler after gas guzzler and GM, well, we won't even go there with their easy to steal vehicles that need some minor adjustments to prevent that, but they won't do anything that might cost them a dime.

Private jet? Do CEO's really need a private jet and just how many private jets does one company need? I am sure many other companies have them, but when you go before congress pleading for a bail out because of your stupidity and arrogance, at least put the jets up for sale. If that isn't bad, they seem to be insulted they are asked to set up a business plan. A business plan! How hard can that be?

So, I did what I felt I should do (and this is where the crazy comes in). I sat down a few nights ago and I made the family business plan for our family. Everything we owe included house & vehicles and added some for repayment of retirement our family has lost since the bank fiasco and included my resume, family situation, etc.

I then sent it off to Senator Harry Reid, the House Majority Leader and I requested that the senate offer my family a bail out based on my business plan. I agreed that this money would need to be paid back with a very low interest loan and extra payments once a year from my tax returns.

I advised Senator Reid that since my family has lost so much due to inept bankers and CEO's that keep getting bailed out with no consequences for bad behavior I felt our family deserved the same courtesy as bankers and auto makers and ours wasn't caused by being inept!

I also requested that Senator Reid look into wiping out all of my federal education loan since we live in a depressed and high poverty area in the state of Washington and I am a substitute educator.

Then, I did as everyone else would have done in my madness, I hit the send button! You got it people, I actually sent this out and I am now waiting for a reply from the kindly senator or at least someone from his office to tell me to answer my door as I am going to a padded cell.

What the hey? It sure couldn't hurt, it probably got a lot of laughs and who knows maybe it will wake someone up in Washington. Oh NO,,,you don't think word will get out and they will treat me like they did Joe the Plumber?

Just in case, where did I put my keys to the skeleton closet? I want to make sure no one else can find them!

If this didn't make you laugh, you are taking life way to serious!

But honestly, it is true!


Debi said...

Oh my dear,
I just found your blog throu the apron ladies site. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I have laughed so hard I cried at this entry. This sounds like something I would do!! I have been having similiar thoughts. Just haven't carried them out! My best friend and I talk about this all the time!! Maybe we should apply for the job... as we seem to be running households... that haven't fallen apart to the point of the banking industry. And as for losses... well you know!! O hon I will be back often for lots of visits!! You make me smile alot! :D
Welcome to the blogging world dear Rainma. I am new too (just been doing this since July... but LOVING every minute of it!!!)
Looking forward to becoming very good friends.

I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day!

Debi said...

Ranny dear,
lol, I just noticed you have over 200 posts... I only just barely reached over 50. Still having fun reading your blog thou!!