Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Check Out ElliNoelle Designs, Handcrafted Jewelry

Okay, so I am supposed to be in bed by now. It is kind of like an unwritten doctors order for me to be in bed before 11:00 & yet, I stumbled over to Lisa's blog (The Preachers Wife) and it led me to this incredible Etsy sight. I love her jewelry and I loved the 'Let it Snow,' pendant...HINT TO HUBBY!

Okay, so hubby will probably skip that one since he and my best friend forever in the world think I have some mystical powers to produce snow when I want it and I can't say they aren't someway correct in their thinking, but I can't help it, I love snow!

Last Christmas when everyone told me it wouldn't snow, it doesn't snow, it hasn't snowed for years on Christmas day in Aberdeen (will they blame that on Kurt Cobain as well?). I kept saying we would have snow because I wanted it to snow.

Guess what? It snowed! Oh yeah, it snowed, it wasn't my Birthday, but Jesus and He gifted me with snow! Mystical powers? Nah! Just a real good connection to the God line!

Yes, it was okay for me to post this picture! Besides, would you want to check something out without a smidge of knowing what it was about?

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