Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies & An Apron

I have long been known to be the one who goes out for dinner and orders my dessert and requests it be brought first. Why, do the waitresses/waiters always look at my husband as if they are asking him for permission? It is silly, but they look at him as if I am a 2 year old. Of course he always tells them, 'don't look at me, she is old enough to decide for herself.'

I wasn't going to make another apron this year, I just felt so bogged down with everything else going on and all the projects I am trying to finish that instead of signing up for the really cool holiday apron swap over at Shawnee's and then I walked into JoAnn's Fabrics and found this kit and that was it, I had to have it. So today, I worked on getting it completed.

It is just so cute with the little ruffled arms and the grandchildren say it reminds them of ice cream.

I left the pockets off. I don't think any of my aprons have pockets. I mean, what would you put into an apron pocket? Kleenex? Eeeeew! Maybe tuck a dishtowel in the top? Anyway, pockets don't much excite me.

When it was completed, I was ready to fix some real home made Toll House cookies. You remember the ones where you add your own flour, sugar, etc. instead of cutting them out of a package?

Of course the kids got to help and really enjoyed making them & hubby enjoyed coming home to the smell of Tamale Pie in the oven and cookies. Yes, the Tamale Pie was from scratch. Hmmm
, am I going crazy or what? Cooking from scratch? Guess that is what happens when you are on a tight budget!

This picture didn't come out so great, but it is the back of the apron. Instead of tying at the neck and waist, it crosses in the back from the shoulders and ties. Time will tell how I adjust to this, but I do find that I am wearing my aprons more frequently.

The picture with all the desserts is the hem of the new apron. Yummy!

Speaking of yummy, it is time to read another chapter of: 'How To Eat Fried Worms,' to the kiddos as their bedtime story this week.

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