Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's So Peaceful Now

I am sitting up looking out my living room window and a beautiful river fog has gently rolled in this evening/morning. Fog and snow just seem to be extraordinarily peaceful and calming. I love rain, don't get me wrong, I am probably the biggest fan of rain (next to farmers and Californians) there is, but rain is not quiet.

All I can hear right now is the crackling and popping of the fire as it warms the house in the fireplace. What makes it extra special this evening is that my hubby cleaned all the old buildup off the doors and shined them up, so there is also a beautiful orange glow in the room.

My sewing closet door has been closed down for tonight & tomorrow it will be refit with grandma's machine. I would have put it up sooner however, I was working on projects with full bobbins and grandma Alice's old Kenmore does not take the ones I am using in my Brother.

I am checking out new sites on the latest quilt dash and finding some wonderful new quilt shops. Patrick Lose is an artist, fabric designer, etc. but the real reason to check his blog site out is to catch pictures of his adorable granddaughters. He is he proud grandpa and a very humble man. Bummer for me, I never met him when I was living in Phoenix, I would have loved to chat with him about his books, fabrics, etc.

This is also the time of the morning for prayer and reflection. My mind has been filled with thoughts of Kim Miller today and prayers all day for her and her family. While I may physically be in Washington, I still have ties to Phoenix in many ways.

To read an awesome story about Kim or to donate to her family, please check out this article that appeared in the Arizona Republic: se
I know the economy stinks right now and I always seem to be seeking donations for one great cause or another, but you know I never ask for the money, I just ask that you do as you feel your heart leads you. If ya can, ya can and if not, no harm, no foul!

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank. Use account No. 2323878427.

If nothing else, everyone can pray for this beautiful lady!

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