Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Am To Teach & Quilt

I am to teach and to quilt. I received this message loud and clear from the Lord Himself today through a man of God who can prophesy. So, what does this mean exactly?

Websters defines prophecy as 'an inspired utterance of a prophet.' (Taken from the World Wide Web at :( November 16, 2008). Today at our church we had a guest speaker who offered at the end of the service to pray for us an give us prophecy to what God has or what he shows the prophet He has for each of us.

Let me first tell you that I have never met his man in my life. He did not have my name, he doesn't know anything about me. The first thing he said was 'this is odd, I am seeing a movie of your life and what I see is Peter and we all know that Peter had great faith, until he got out of the boat.'

He said my faith is strong and bold but my abilities to do many things with my hands is what brings God pleasure and helps others. He said God is using my abilities to minister to other people and it is good. Furthermore he told me I have so many skills I can use that it doesn't matter which one because they are all pleasing to God.

So, after the many nights wondering if I should stop quilting and just give up making quilts for others, it has been confirmed that the quilts are reaching out to others and showing them that God not me, but God has them in mind.

This is very powerful to me because when I decide on a quilt, it takes on its own personality, colors and it knows in the end where it will go. Even when I am trying to sell quilts, many times God has something else planned for that quilt. WOW!!

As many of you know, I have been struggling on what to do for a career and this man tells me that the work I am doing with young adults needs to continue only I need to be more bold in stepping out about Gods love for these young people. So, I am going to continue to teach or at least seek a position where I am working with young adults and I can help bring them closer to Christ.

Lastly, he told me I have witnessed miracles in my life, that I am a miracle (I was born with a heart defect and in 1958 no one wanted to do heart surgery on a 2 year old...I'm 52 if you are trying to figure the math out! But my parents found Deborah Hospital in Toms River, New Jersey and the fixed me up).

Recently, I was healed from Fibromyalgia. I have a friend who was in a car accident that should have died, but is back to work and functioning fine. My husbands sobriety after 10 years. He told me that I will continue to see miracles and especially in the area of friends. WOW!! That last one was heavy!

As I have said before, but now it is confirmed. I am exactly where God wants me at this moment in time.

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