Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Purple House

This was our house in July. Note the light and the patio. It was in the summer while we were prepping the house for paint which meant scraping, sanding, washing, etc. It was NOT a fun job any way you look at it.

Here is another picture where the brave husband used a very tall ladder to scrape the highest points of the house. I say brave because I saw him actually fall off that ladder doing this spot and not get hurt. He is like a cat, jumped clear away from the ladder as it was falling.

Here is the same photo today. You can see we actually (no, Jerry actually) painted our house purple because that is what I wanted. Neither one of us wanted the grays, gray blues, blue grays, browns, etc. that so many houses are painted in this area. Hey! We get enough gray with the rain and clouds.

I wanted a happy colo
r and it is. All of our neighbors have actually come up to us and said they really like it. You can see we painted the body of the house purple and did all the trim in blue and white.

Jerry painted the front door two toned and the screen door to match and yes, it is one of those marvelous screen doors that slam when shut.

He carpeted the porch and stairs in blue to match the trim, painted the railing white to match the door and notice that the wall light has been removed and replaced with a more period piece, the pendant light.

The other things you see hanging are some of my wind chimes. Sadly, many of my wind chimes must be replaced. They were sun faded in Arizona and rain rusted here, so I will begin another collection to replace those badly worn.

Notice the large address above the porch. It is because I was a police dispatcher for so many years and wanted everyone to see the numbers and address. Don't worry, there are also reflective numbers on our mailbox, so should we need help, there will not be a problem finding us!


Cathy said...

The house is adorable.

Melinda Cornish said...

Love it, you did a good job...Melinda