Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pink Pudding & A Party

I don't know about anyone else, but around this area, we have had nothing but gray skies and liquid sunshine. All the kids I live with as well as work around have been a bit nuts lately and I think it is because they can't do much without being wet & after awhile if it gets to us (which by the way, it doesn't effect me, the wetter, the better, without flooding), think of how the kids feel.

So, a few weeks ago the oldest picked up a book at our local library called, the Princess Party book & stuck on idea she wanted pink pudding. I must have been in one of my, 'I must be really crazy for doing this moods,' and told her we would have a 'PINK PARTY.'

Dearest hubby kept telling me to make sure he knows when because he and our grandson would be more than happy to check into a motel for the evening because he was not being pent up with a bunch of giggly girls doing girl things!

The girls must be given highest praise here not only for their exceptional hostess manners and keeping their friends safe and following our rules (like the youngest always goes first & no jumping on our furniture). These two little ones cleaned their rooms spotless, vacuumed under their bed, cleaned out their closet and worked very hard helping me pick up and clean in the basement! The house sparkled!

Shyann's comment to me was that she wanted her friends to come over again and if the house was really messy, they probably would tell everyone at school. So, my house is spotless right now!

We invited a total of 12 girls and wound up with having 6 show up and it was perfect. First, they devoured 2 16" pizza's like they were nothing and drank 7-up/Sherbet punch and emptied the punch bowl (I use a large soup Tureen). They played for awhile in the girls room and then we all gathered in the basement for a movie.

I had originally scheduled 'Enchanted,' but was asked by a parent to not play that because her daughter would have nightmares. It worked out perfectly because they all wanted to watch 'The Reef,' instead.

We worked on string and bead bracelets and then began painting fingernails. It was so cute to see the different nail styles the girls picked out. Some used two colors, others I put stripes on them, others had a different color for each nail.

The clock struck 9:00, parents were on time and the party ended!

It was a great night for the girls and a great night for the boys. DH took grandson to Taco Bell where they had Nacho's and then they went bowling and he was so proud because he didn't have to use the 'balloons' as he calls the air bags they use in the lanes for the little ones.

If you have the heart and soul to host a pink party, I highly recommend it. Your girls will thank you and you will give them great winter memories.


2 packages vanilla pudding (I used instant)
Pink Gel Food Coloring
4 cups milk
Vanilla (optional)

I purchased Dora cups and plates and placed all the Diego ones aside. Filled the cups 1/4 way full, sprinkled with red sprinkles and added cherries on the top.

I would say the entire total for the party was less than $35 and where else can you give your princesses a world of memories for that price?

Here you can see the different nail paintings we did. The left hand is painted with a pink glitter polish while the right hand has several polish schemes.

The middle finger is solid Strawberry, the others are 1/2 Strawberry and 1/2 Lemon Drop & yes, when the polish dries, the girls hands smell like assorted fruit flavored Life Savers.

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Tracey said...

I so want to move to Washington. I LOVE the rain, the wetter and the more gray - the better!!! Hopefully in the next couple of years we can make it up there!!! Very cute blog by the way!