Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Wouldn't Happen in Phoenix

The kids, dog and I all went to the waterfront park today to enjoy the gorgeous Indian Summer day we are having today. The sky is blue, the weather warm, no wind and not a cloud in the sky to show any rain. They had a blast.

As you can see when we arrived, the girls had on their Northern Face fleece jackets. Next shot you can see the jacket it off, but I didn't give it a thought until 20 minutes after we had left the park the girls came up to me crying they had left these on the bench. Now, the fact they are Northern Face doesn't mean a thing to the girls, they are not yet of an age to be into labels. However, the fact that a neighbor bought them for them and he would be disappointed was why they were crying.

I explained on the way there to not get their hopes up because they are expensive and everyone around here wants them. Imagine my shock and surprise when they were right where the girls had left them. We were blessed again! If this were Phoenix, they would have been gone before we left the park!

I tried to get a few pictures that would show how far up the river was since the last two storms we had, but this one doesn't do it much justice. It does show all the debris in the water.

I think this one of the k
ids standing on the boat gives you a better idea of the water level. This is just an old wooden boat in the park and it hangs a bit over the walkway you can see between the boat and the grass. Now, look at the water level and you can tell two things:
  1. It is high tide.
  2. The river is a bit swollen
We spent about an hour and a half at the park. It is right along the river as you come into Aberdeen and it is just a nice place to walk and enjoy the day. It has a restroom and some tables you can sit and eat. I wouldn't recommend sitting in the grass without a vinyl sheet or something due to the amount of goose poop in the park.

As we were getting ready to leave the park, the oldest asked for the camera and got this great shot of a seagull perched upon the pier that goes out over the water. For this shot she was probably at least 50 feet away from the gull.

She just amazes me at how well she captures an image she is set on taking and that her eye is so clear on it.

This last one is just a shot of the pier and the expanse of the park. Aberdeen definitely is great at taking care of its parks and giving at least small chil
dren places to play!

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