Saturday, November 15, 2008

Victory Junction Gang Camp

Do you want to do something this special for your summer vacation in 2009? Are you tired of the usual camping trips, antique roadshows, family re-unions? Do you feel the desire to reach out and help others?

I have great news for those of you who want to give back by doing something very special. Victory Junction Gang Camp one of Paul Newman's Hole In The Wall Camps that was founded by Kyle and Patti Petty after their son Adam died, has posted their summer schedule for 2009!

So, hop on over to this link and check out all the places you can volunteer for spring and summer. I guarantee you that you will not walk away the same as you walked into this place working with children who can be children in spite of their disease or disability.

You can't get away? Still want to help? For those readers who are crafty, who can sew or quilt, there are special requests for us to reach out and help. Your church or group can get together and raise $2500, they can pay for a child to go to camp.

They always need disposable items such as dixie cups, disposable small medicine cups, plastic cups, paper plates, cups, napkins.

So, race on over to Victory Junction Gang Camp and see where you can help!

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