Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Quilt Completed

My oldest son asked me several months back if I would make him a Sunbonnet couple at prayer for his apartment wall. I said yes & then wondered what I would make.

Here is the finished product. Sunbonnet Sue is all dressed up in her peppermint decorated pajamas with a white nightcap and slippers on.

Sam is wearing bandanna printed pajamas with a blue straw hat (a hat wearer doesn't take his hat off before bed).

They are kneeling down by their bed which actually I made to look like a spread covered bed complete with pillow. The background is a navy blue with white stars and then because I have been in the mood for winter and snow lately, I placed a few snowflakes around.

Finished it up with the beginnings of the child's prayer, adding hand quilted stars for the quilting and the bandanna print border. The back is the same print as the front with a hanging sleeve attached.

While the angle I took this picture makes it look lopsided, it is actually very straight all the way around.

I usually don't like using two of the same quilt patterns, but I just love making this cute couple!

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Sherry said...

How very nice! I bet your son loves it!