Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Caring Father...

It just doesn't get any better than a Fathers love for his children whether it be our Heavenly Father caring for us, a father in Iraq away from his children or a father in prison reaching out from behind the darkness of bars to his children to let them know he loves them.

So much is going through my head right now that I hope I am going to make sense not only because of all the emotions I feel at this time, but the medication I am on to help my cough makes me gronky (another one of my words).

Where do I start this post? I have always felt that the Lord moved my family to Aberdeen for a reason. Whether it was just to test my faith, my husbands willingness to yield to my belief God wanted us here, being where beauty is in abundance daily. I have also always felt t
hat God would bless us according to scriptures.

Luke 6:38 tells us, '
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.' I have always believed in giving to others even in times when I can't pay my own bills sometimes, but there is something God created within my soul to do what I can to help those less fortunate that myself.

I have told my husband over and over again to just be patient, while we may be struggling, God is preparing to blow our socks off with blessings that we know not where they will come from, but they are coming. That went over like a lead balloon, but it is beginning and has been happening.

We were looking at a very expensive automotive repair bill this week, we came home from Thanksgiving vacation and hubby's truck wouldn't start. I was ready to pay a huge amount for this repair. Jerry tried to put something in the gas that gets excess water out (we don't have a garage, so it sits outside) because he thought maybe it had to much moisture in it.
Today, he went out checked for secure wiring, took it out of park and put it back in park and it started right up. PRAISE YOU LORD!

Many of you know about my healing from Fibromyalgia.

Our wonderful Thanksgiving spent with our best friend John in his home without stairs and without having to chop wood!

There are other blessings I can't mention here for reasons I can't say at this moment.

Christmas to my husband has always been a HUGE thing. Jerry just doesn't understand what a small Christmas is and will go out of his way to ensure everything from the outside lights to the tree is perfect & gifts, lots of them. This year, I have had to remind him we can't do that, we have to be frugal & it is killing him.

The kids won't miss out. Their dental office is holding a huge Christmas party for all their children patients with gifts, dinner, Santa and parents are invited. They called me ye
sterday to confirm we were coming. I wouldn't miss it and the kids are not even aware there is a party.

But the best blessing they will receive will come directly from their father who is incarcerated in Arizona. Hand chosen Christmas gifts from their daddy. I received a call tonight (here come the tears again) around 8:30. The woman introduced herself and stated she was from a local church here in Aberdeen and had received a request from Justin (the kids dad) to please give his children Christmas gifts from him. (Crying harder now).

Justin had picked art supplies and new boots for his oldest daughter who he knows loves to draw. For our diva, a pretty dress and some girlie things and for his son, a hooded sweatshirt and some blocks. Well, we changed the blocks to cars. The kids will go to another Christmas party in which they will be entertained, while I wrap their gifts and I can sign them from him.
While he can't buy them himself, I truly believe in my heart that he just reached out from behind the prison walls and gave them the best gift he could.

What saddens me about all this is that the kids haven't heard from their mothe
r since May and several calls to her cell phone show it has been disconnected. Here she is, out free and doesn't contact them and dad in prison at least tries to keep in touch. I keep praying for their mom that she will reach out to them and stay in contact, but that is in Gods hands and not mine.

So, in the true spirit of Christmas, God has shown me He see's my anguish and pain at times while I try to keep it hidden from those around me & He hears my prayers for the little ones.

Not because of what I do am I blessed, but because of who I am through Christ Jesus our Lord have I been given the heart to open the door to blessings. From a cup of coffee for a homeless man to quilts for those in need, I must help, I couldn't stop if I wanted to, He wouldn't allow it.

So, during Advent time, during the mad rush of Christmas, take time and bless someone who needs blessing more than you do.

One other things, when you say your daily prayers, ask the Lord to bless those men and women who are incarcerated behind bars, because even if you don't agree with what they have done (and I don't), they are still human and still have feelings.

By chance if you live in the Phoenix area and know the children's mother, please tell her to call, they miss her and their little sister Emerald.

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