Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Even The Obsessive Need A Break

I realized how obsessive/compulsive I am about my files when I got up this morning at 0730, grabbed a cupa and began going through all my files. My oldest called me and I looked up at the clock at is was 1230, I had been purging and cleaning for over 5 hours and the time flew by.

So, one more trip to WalMart to pick up some plastic file boxes to hold all the important things I need to keep but not in my daily files, the taxes are all neatly arranged in an envelope awaiting the yearly arrival of my accounts paperwork she wants filled out. By the way, thank you Kellie Barr for all your help over the years, you are the main reason I am so compulsive about my files! It works doesn't it?

Just so you are wondering about all the plastic bins and containers, that isn't an obsession to me, however, living in Washington where there is moisture everywhere, keeping things in bins as opposed to boxes helps two things...1- It keeps them dry & 2- It keeps the rodents and bugs from getting in. When we lived in Arizona, everything was just kept in cardboard boxes & inside!

Well, it is time to eat lunch, watch a movie with the kiddo's and get my fires cranking, I forget them working up such a heavy sweat going through files! HAHAHAHA!!

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